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Gmail Notifier Pro 2.2

  • Publisher:Patrik Engstrom
  • Version:2.2
  • Operation System:-
  • License:Shareware
  • File Size:3000000

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Gmail Notifier Pro 2.2Description

Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple mail accounts for new mail and display notifications. Any IMAP and POP account supported.
Feature Highlights
- Check multiple Gmail accounts, including Google Apps, for new mail.
- Supports both Atom and IMAP protocols for Gmail, and support any mail account using IMAP or POP.
- Supports customizable themes and individual account settings, making Gmail Notifier Pro the best looking Gmail notifier on the web!
- When new mail or news arrives, a visual notification is displayed and optionally a sound is played to alert the user.
- Read, write, reply, view attachments, Mark as read and delete mail without opening the web browser. Supports Google Contacts.
- Integration with Google Calendar accounts gives reminders for calendar events.
- Google Docs notifications
- Google+ notifications
- Get news notifications from Google News and Google Reader. Support RSS/Atom feeds to get notifications from any news source.
- Supports Microsoft Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail notifications.
- Gmail Notifier Pro provides many easy-to-use features and settings.
- Define schedules when to check for mail and display notifications.
- Automatic login to Google accounts - no need to enter password all the time.
- In addition to the installation package, Gmail Notifier Pro can also run from a USB-stick without any installation.
- Gmail Notifier Pro supports automatic updates. A new version can be downloaded and installed with a single click.
- Secure account management and encrypted connections are used.
- 100% FREE from virus, spyware and adware.

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